Ever since I am so fortunate to have english speaking friends, I thought it was about time to give a brief summary of the immense amount of things that have happened recently. The childbirth (I will not go into detail), our new home, Ronny´s trip to Amsterdam to pick up Norwegian! chairs, as well as the parrot cage one (that I have wanted since i was 8 yrs old), and so on.

Where to start, well the most obvious is Moa, a pre-historic, now extinct wingless bird, and a mall in the north west of Norway, as well as our little gem. When parents I know talk about how they never knew the meaning of the word tired before the kids arrive, I go quiet. Moa-bird just sleeps a lot. And when she is awake, it is more or less giggles. Whenever an issue arises, it is most likely one out of four; food, sleep, attention or nappy, aka easy fixes. She is generally a happy baby, and I can´t even start to describe how cool motherhood is.

We have moved house, and the whole purchase operation came about in the absolute last days of my pregnancy. And it was the best way to get the time flying ever. The weekend before I was minutes away from starting a boycott. I wasn´t leaving the flat, until baby was leaving me. A friendly visit and a glowing ghost did help, but when I went to see what is now our home, got excited, involved R, started sorting the finances, bidding and finally got it, the whale like figure and the thing about to pop, was not to big a deal.

So now we live in a two small bedroom studio apartment, initially built as combined accomodation for the participants of the 1952 winter olympics, as well as to help relieve the post ww2 lack of housing. Our flat was one out of nine intended for artists, and therefore features a livingroom with huge windows, and a staggering 4.5 m distance from floor to ceiling.
The apartment is divided in three levels, has a balcony and a tiny garden. I was just blown away when I first saw it. And even though it is a bit worn down, the only important downside is the party frequence in the flat above. To be honest it is really not the partying either, it is the total lack of taste in music that just makes it intolerable. Hub made a house call last night, and made the jerk who lives there promise to drop the afterparty, announce his next fiesta, and come down and pick cigarette butts today. haha

We did concider heavy drilling in our ceiling at 0800, but decided to save that one until next time Gadget, next time…!!

In the process of finding furniture for our new home I´ve been scoping shops and marketplaces online, ending up sending R on a three day hunt to Amsterdam for my desperately wanted 4 vintage original Scandia jr. by Hans Brattrud from sometime between 1957 and 1970. The hagglemaestro himself even got a 5th chair, in the shape of a hanging parrot cage on top of the deal. He is so my hero!

Leaving for Portugal next Sun, and have gotten the little bun a passport. Kind of funny, since truth to be told, babies look more or less the same, and the signature field just says: Unable to sign. Flying to Lisbon, have made a total room reservation of 5 nights, as well as rented a car. Planning to go north to the port districts (Ronny) and sometime during our two weeks try to take some surfing lessions (KA)

Still struggling a bit with my achilles, after the total rupture last January, and have been sporting a peculiar gangsta limp (not by far as kool as it sounds). In order to do something about that I have now started treatment with a new physiotherapist. He actually seems to be working wonders, and believe me, it will take a miracle or five to get the twig of a calf back into shape. Strangely enough I still would like to try getting fit for handball. I´ll just become what we in Norway call a Trine Haltvik, damn it!

Ronny´s festival is coming up soon, and for the third year in a row guitar heroes in all shapes will rock out in the forest of Blaker the first weekend of august. In norwegian though: http://www.rumbleinthejungle.org is the place to stay oriented.

Will be delighted by emails, greetings as well as visits.

Well, that´s more or less all from the dairy queen.


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